Easter moved me more than usual this year. I have been on something of a faith journey for the last few months – simultaneously coming to terms with my spiritual beliefs and the meaning of my own personal story. I have always believed in a power greater than myself, yet railed against organized religion for it’s politicized slant and ‘love the sinner hate the sin’ rhetoric. But through some reading and some changes of heart I have felt the presence of the divine shine on me. I’m not sure exactly where it’s taking me but I know I feel blessed and called upon to do SOMETHING. The question is what.

I also know that that because of my own second chance at life (although I am not likening myself to Jesus) I have an affinity for resurrection stories, and his is the pinnacle of them all. This year I found myself drawn to the Easter story and the bible more than before. I’m not sure what is brewing in  my spirit, but something is, and it is making me happy.  And I am thankful. I still have doubts and questions but I feel like I may be on the right path, whatever that is.


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