Your absence, once profound,

has become the status quo.

Your transition from chorus to background noise,

shockingly fast.


The winds of grief blew you away from me.

But what maintains your distance, I don’t know.

Is it choice or defect?

It’s been so long that the reason

no longer matters.


Last night I dreamt we were in Venice –

Gondola rides and windswept hair.

Winding through canals in awe of ancient beauty.

For a brief dreamed moment,

I had you back.


But the thing is –

We wake from dreams.

And even though irreplaceable,

Venice still sinks into the sea.

It is slowly, imperceptibly, but surely

Sinking beneath the surface to one day disappear.


And so, my dear, are you.


2 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Wow. What a wonderfully written poem. I stumbled on your site from reading a post you did on Victoria B’s site. It’s great to see people in recovery writing beyond the confines of the program. In addition to my blog which is recovery centered, I have begun to write poetry and essays on other internet sites. I’m really enjoying the possibilities of creative writing.
    All the best


    • Awesome!! I’ll have to check yours out! I’m super busy so check this sporadically, but love to read other writers and brothers/sisters in recovery. Thank you for your words and your time ♡


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